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‘Outlander’ Season 6 Episode 2 Recap: Claire Delivers Marsali’s Baby & Roger Hosts a Weird Funeral

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for Outlander Season 6, Episode 2, “Allegiance.”

A baby is born. A woman invents fire. Someone comes back to life at their funeral. And Jamie and Claire discuss business while getting down to “business.” It’s just a normal day on Outlander. A lot happens in “Allegiance,” the second supersized episode of season 6. Comedy, heartbreak, and joy. Like I said, Outlander. In fact, it’s so Outlander, it hurts.

Jamie’s a Double Agent

“Fraser, James Fraser.” Jamie’s on his first mission as an Indian agent. He and Young Ian arrive to meet with Cherokee, whose Chief affectionately calls Jamie, “Bear-killer,” a nickname he got in season 4 when he killed a man dressed as a bear. The Cherokee want Jamie to get them guns from the King. Simple request. Jamie says, “No promises.” He and Ian are invited to spend the night. And oh what a night it is.

Back on the ridge

Claire checks up on Tom Christie and takes his stitches out. Tom tells Claire his other hand is hurt and it will stay that way because it’s God’s will. Claire, proving she is a GOAT yet again, takes Tom’s “God’s will” and upends it with logic using his goat’s hurt leg as an example of why what he is said is in fact, stupid. Malva looks at Claire like she’s the smartest person in the room, because she is the smartest person in the room. Of course, Tom has a nice misogynistic retort for Claire that he has his daughter parrot. Claire doesn’t like it. Tom, now you’ve pissed Claire off. She tells Tom Tom he’s actually just afraid, and he laughs because it’s true. Bye, Tom. Finish him, Claire. Claire is being too kind, as usual. She tells Tommy that she has a medicine called ether. Ugh, sad, I just remembered Claire is an ether addict.

Speaking of witch….

Allan Christie thanks Claire for the salve for his back and Malva’s creepy Claire-crush continues. She says they’re so impressed she’s a physician. And brother Allan comments, “Most women would be accused of witchcraft.” The way this century is hung up on women being witches. Nope, she’s just smarter than you, Al. Claire makes a joke about having him sharpen her broomstick. That’s called a Claire-burn, sir. Malva tells Claire she’d love to learn about healing, and Claire invites her to check up on her daughter Marsali who’s pregnant. But Al doesn’t like that. Apparently, Malva is “busy.” Sure, Jan. I mean Allan.

When Claire says “my daughter Marsali,” it’s a reminder of one of the strongest parent-child relationships in the show, even more so because Lauren Lyle and Balfe have shown such a great evolution of a stepparent and stepchild relationship that started off quite contentiously with the word “whore.”

Jamie gets seduced

Overnight, Jamie wakes to two naked women trying to touch his Malcolm Mackenzie. Ahem, property of Claire Fraser, ladies. Jamie panics and wakes Young Ian and tells him to tell them he’s sworn an oath to his wife and to please stop touching his Malcolm Mack. It’s a full-on Mack attack. Enjoying his uncle’s predicament, Young Ian laughs and takes his time telling them to stop.

All is not well with Fergus & Marsali

Claire listens to Marsali’s pregnant belly with her 17th-century stethoscope. Malva comes a knocking, and Claire’s pretty excited about her new apprentice. Marsali tells Malva don’t get knocked up. Claire checks Marsali’s pulse and again sees a bruise. She’s not happy. She teaches Malva how to calculate pulse. Germain makes a sound and Marsali screams at him. Claire puts her hand gently on Marsali and asks Malva to go outside with the children. Claire asks, “Where did the bruises come from? Did Fergus hurt you?” Marsali says he did grab her arm but because she went after him. Phew, Fergus didn’t hit her. But he has a very serious drinking problem as we saw in the previous episode.

Marsali reveals that Fergus blames himself for what happened to Marsali and Claire last season. This triggers Claire. She says it wasn’t his fault. Marsali apologizes for upsetting Claire. The two of them hold hands, and in this one moment, we relive what happened Claire. A one-two punch by Lyle and Balfe.

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Caitríona Balfe Starz/Robert Wilson

Back home, Claire has a flashback of Lionel Brown. And let me just say when I heard his voice, I jumped. She has a panic attack and ethers herself. I need Brianna, Jamie, or Roger to discover this and help Claire. Ether way (see what I did there), someone needs to help her.

Bree and Roger

Over at the cabin, Brianna is cooking up matches. Roger is concerned about the phosphorous and asks, “Wife, doesn’t this explode?” Brianna gleefully says it does burst into flame the minute it’s exposed to air. Um, Brianna. You should not be playing with matches! Let’s remember why you came to the past to begin with! Because your parents die in a fire in that cabin! Gurl. Is anyone else picturing Roger and Brianna singing Billy Joel’s, “We Didn’t Start the Fire?” Weirdly, I would be just fine with them Von Trapping their way around the Ridge. Roger also tells Brianna that someone from Tom’s settlers died and Tom asked Roger to perform the funeral since their minister hasn’t arrived yet.

Jamie & Claire re-arrange the bedroom furniture 

Jamie returns home tosses his coat on Mrs. Bug like she’s a damn coat rack! He runs upstairs to tell Claire he missed her and wants her. And in under six seconds, these two randy grandies are having sex so loudly on the floor that Mrs. Bug hears them from downstairs. She smiles. Aw, Mrs. Bug is a Jamie and Claire fan. Or likes to hear people have loud sex. Let’s go with the first. Truthfully, what’s she probably thinking is, “Great, I have to clean up their room again, because they are knocking furniture over. AGAIN.” Laird knows they do it a lot.

In their afterglow, Jamie and Claire lie on the floor with furniture strewn about — aka the things they knocked over during their sexing. Claire smiles and Jamie’s all, “You must have liked it.” Claire replies, “I was actually ranking what you said to me in order of relative sincerity.” Apparently, he said, “I like you. I love you. And I have to have my (Malcolm Mackenzie) inside of you.” Except he used the word that is synonymous to a male chicken. Well, hello, James Fraser. He smiles and says he meant them all, especially the last one. Frisky Frasers at it again. This is also another great way Outlander is showing how they’ve healed as a couple. In the premiere, they had a very intimate love scene whereas this one was more humorous, but yet still intimate, and they didn’t even have to take off their clothes. The best moment is when Jamie says, “I must have you,” and Claire laughs, “What? Now?” No couple does it better. It’s one of the rare television shows that shows a marriage that endures and grows through humor and heartbreak. Jamie tells her she’s lucky he’s an old man because he needs food and rest before he can do it again. Season 6 is only one and a half episodes in and already is showing they’re dedicating a lot of screen time to their relationship. And not just huge moments, but the small instances of domesticity. These two prove in even the simplest scenes why they’re the backbone of this show.

In typical Jamie/Claire multitasking fashion, he asks her what she remembers about the Cherokee and if they sided with the British. Jamie is torn and doesn’t know what to do. Claire tells him that she knows he’ll do the right thing. And then they get all frisky again. But Young Ian interrupts them. Ian! You took your time stopping those ladies from “uncling” your uncle. Yet you interrupt your uncle “uncling” your aunt! Rude, kid. Rude.

Major McDonald hates cats

Jamie tells Major McDonald about his meeting with the Cherokee. McDonald is all sneezy. He asks Jamie if he has a cat. Let me answer that for you, Jamie. Yes, Adso, and if you have a problem with it Major, get out. Adso is cuter than you ever were, are, or will be. Young Ian interrupts the meeting and Jamie is angry. He explains to Ian what Claire remembers about the Cherokee, and reveals that Claire Knows those loyal to the king will lose. Young Ian says he’ll stand by Jamie. But he doesn’t want the Indians to become their enemies.

Back from the dead

Jamie, Claire, and Germain walk to the funeral, and they look like the most adorable little family ever. Germain notices the dead body is moving and grabs Granny Claire’s hand but his grandmother shushes him. He tells her again and Claire thinks he has to use the loo. He points to the body just as the woman inhales and comes back to life. Everyone freaks out. Tom Christie shouts out “Christ defendis!” Claire immediately goes to tend to her. Of course, Christie is like what devilry is this, looking at Claire like she raised the dead. Claire tells Jamie the woman has had an aortic aneurysm. And might be dead soon. Way to bring the funeral back down Claire.

The almost dead woman is mad about her sh*tty funeral and it’s hilarious. Roger and his beard actually did a lovely job reverending the not-so-funeral funeral. He even scolds the yelling-almost-dead woman. Why is Roger very likable this season?! Then the old lady dies again. Congrats, Roger your first funeral went well and had a real plot twist. Poor little Germain stands between his grandparents and is like what the ever-loving event is this?! Maybe take your grandson for a walk guys when someone is coming back to life, then dying right in front of him!

Family dinner with a side of labor

Claire, Jamie, Marsali, Bree, and Roger and Jem all are having dinner together. Mrs. Bug asks Marsali if Fergus is joining and boy does she regret asking that. “No, he’s at the still,” Marsali replies. Brianna breaks the tension with, “Roger and I have some news!” Roger says, “Well, more Brianna’s news.” And then everyone jumps to the conclusion she’s pregnant, which I don’t blame them because of how they introduced this topic. Jamie leaps up to give a toast. And Brianna is all, “Whoa daddy,” or rather “Whoa Da!” (That doesn’t work as well… sounds like someone trying to say Hoda after getting a Novocain shot at the dentist).

Brianna says she’s not pregnant and excitedly tells them she’s invented matches! She lights them to wow them with her fire skills. Recently, Sophie Skelton revealed in an Instragram live with Balfe that she dropped a match down her corset and almost lit Sam Heughan on fire. She really does light up every scene. On fire there, Skelton. Literally. Anyway, no one is impressed with her matches. Jamie and Claire are very proud of their daughter, though Jamie looks at the matches like he looked at the peanut butter and jelly sandwich last season. Real PB&J face, Jamie. Marsali brags she’s never had trouble lighting a fire and is all “Cool fire, bro” or sis in this case. Poor Bree out here inventing fast fire and Marsali slow burns her.

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Sophie Skelton, Caitlin O’Ryan and Richard Rankin Starz/Robert Wilson

Claire compliments Roger on his handling of the funeral. Roger says they asked him to preach and he looks pretty happy about it. Firestarter Brianna is not happy. But Jamie says I’d rather you preach than Tom Christie. Preach Jamie. Totally agree. Claire then reveals that she was asked to not enter the church again because some of the new settlers think she’s a witch. And when I say Jamie Fraser is mad, I say he is mad. Claire wins the moment though by laughing, “I don’t plan on following it.” It’s not her first witch rodeo, people.

Then Marsali goes into labor, and they rush her to the surgery room. Marsali says, “Something is wrong.” Late, Claire tells Jamie the baby hasn’t moved in hours. Claire looks worried. Seeing Claire, then Jamie looks worried. “Where the hell is Fergus?” Jamie snaps. Um, he’s at the still, guys. Hello. Claire tells Jamie that Fergus blames himself for what happened and Jamie says, “Do you think I do not curse myself every day for what happened to you?” And he has teary eyes. And now so do I. Claire tells Jamie to find Fergus. Jamie says he’ll have Roger find him. Interesting this season Jamie does not like leaving Claire. Malva arrives to help.

Finding Fergus

Roger rides to the cabin to get Fergus. He basically kicks his ass to tell him to get up and be there for his wife. When I say Roger is good in the scene, you have no idea. Cesar Domboy’s performance in this scene really captures the sadness and almost vacant look in Fergus. Roger isn’t having it and tells him to go be with his wife, even if he has to pretend.

Fergus’s unconventional birthing method

Adso is Marsali’s doula, it seems. He’s snuggled up next to her for emotional support. Marsali tells Adso if she dies not to let Claire perform any autopsies on her. Now I’m picturing Claire trying this and Adso attacking her to stop it, and it’s honestly a scene I’d pay money to watch. It would be a real catfight — Cait vs. cat. Claire would be like, “Time, space, cat be damned!” Girl loves an autopsy.

Fergus arrives and immediately you can feel the love between Marsali and Fergus. Then he starts to massage Marsali’s breast and asks Claire if she’s heard of suckling and massaging to help move labor along. Claire smiles and says, “It’s not conventionally used.” By doctors at least! And then all of sudden Marsali’s boob is out. Claire gently excuses herself as Fergus tends to business. Then he and Marsali have sex. Lauren Lyle and César Domboy react to this exact scene in our exclusive interview with them.

In the next room, Jamie, Claire, Brianna, and Malva realize they’re having sex. Jamie and Brianna run. Actually run. Claire laughs and then Malva asks her if they’re really having sex. Malva says she thought Marsali was in pain. She asks if some women like it and then says those women must be sinners and whores. Okay, someone call child services, Tom Christie should not be allowed to raise children, especially girls. Claire explains how love and sex can go hand in hand.

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Sam Heughan and Sophie Skelton Twitter: @TinyTunney

Young Ian & Brianna

Brianna tells Young Ian what happens to the Cherokee in the future. She says white people will make them believe they’re safe but they are pushed out of their lands. Brianna coming in hot with the truth! She’d probably be banned today and accused of being a critical race witch. Ahh, how things don’t change.

Oh, baby!

Claire delivers Marsali’s baby with Malva’s assistance. This must have been a fun scene to film, with Claire’s head under Marsali’s skirt. Suddenly, we hear a baby crying. Fergus runs in, thrilled. Marsali says, “Never again.” Narrator: But it would be ever again. Claire says the baby is a monsieur and hands the baby to Fergus. He looks at the baby, and Claire looks at Fergus. He stops smiling and looks at Claire devastated. She says, “Fergus.” He hands the baby back to her and runs out. When Balfe utters, “Fergus,” it will break your heart. Marsali looks on confused and says, “Ma what does that mean?” Claire hands the baby to Marsali and says, “It means he’s a dwarf. But he’s perfectly healthy.” Marsali lights up as she holds the cutest baby ever.

Roger lights a match

Back at the cabin, Roger is lighting matches and so proud of Brianna. This is the Roger he was meant to be. Brianna is sad that nobody cares and they discuss how they’ve been having trouble conceiving. One of the settler’s sons is lost and knocks on their door. Roger lights a match and wows the lost kid. “It’s not a miracle lad, it’s science. My wife made it, she’s a genius.” I am now defending Roger’s beard. How things change in one episode.

Da, Daughter, Guns

The Cherokee ask Jamie why he didn’t convey their request for weapons. They’re not happy, understandably so. Young Ian tells Jamie if he doesn’t help the Cherokee, he will. Jamie and Brianna clean their guns together. Aw. Jamie warns Brianna that the church in Tom Christie’s hands can become a weapon of war. Jamie visits the church site and tells Tom that the church will be a meeting house where everyone can enter freely. Jamie then threatens Tom and says, “If I hear of anyone accusing my wife of witchcraft again….” And then just stares at Tom. Excellent tactic, Jamie.

Tom goes home and yells at Malva for the sour milk. She offers him ale and he screams, “I want milk!” à la “No more wire hangers!” Okay, crazy Tom Tom. He throws the milk on the ground and yells at Malva for “spending too much time with Mistress Fraser.” Wonder why she doesn’t spend more time with you, creep. Then he tells her she has the same dark soul as her mother. Tom speaks like a man who maybe got cheated on and hates women. He takes his belt off and winds up to beat Malva. But his hand fails him. Or God’s will, as Tom would say. Malva’s bum is safe. I hope Claire never fixes his hand. Malva smiles evilly but I am on her side. For now.


Young Ian visits the new baby. Jamie overhears young Ian tell Marsali he had a child. Tom goes to Claire and tells her he needs a hand job. What? He does! He wants that hand surgery after all. Because he needs to beat his daughter, but he leaves that part out. One thing to note is how subtly funny Outlander is. They have Claire sweeping the front step with a giant broom. Real witch vibes. Claire agrees to do the surgery when his other hand heals.

Jamie and Claire

Jamie is writing a letter to get weapons for the Cherokee. Claire asks why he changed his mind. Jamie says he heard Ian had a child with his Mohawk wife. “He fights for them because they are his family. And his is allegiance is to them and my allegiance is to him.” Fine, yes, I’m tearing up for the fourth time this episode, leave me alone. “Come what may,” Claire says to Jamie. Then he says back to her, “Come what may. Confession: I thought he said, “Come wit me” because Jamie has said that to Claire before. “Come what may,” makes much more sense, because I was confused about where he wanted her to go with him. She was barefoot! Next week is going to be intense. Prepare yourself now. You have 7 days.

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