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Jane Seymour Has Never Looked Better As She Shows Fans How She Breaks a Sweat

Jane Seymour is always a beautiful goddess, no matter the setting and this new workout video prove that.

On March 12, Seymour posted a video showing fans how she breaks a sweat on her Instagram. She posted it with the caption, “Back in the gym after all my travels! 😅 Exercising using @Gyrotonic with @jeenymiller, working on abs and rotation in my hips/spine whilst doing weights for my arms.” She added, “Working hard! ⁣ Also, I can’t rave enough about my new favorite workout outfit from @vuoriclothing! It feels like a second skin, so comfortable.”

She then asked her fans, “What do you like doing to work up a sweat?”

You can see the video HERE.

In the video, we see Seymour working her legs and abs as she rocked a black workout ensemble. And here’s the thing — she looks absolutely stunning, even sweating through an intense workout. Whether it’s on the red carpet or breaking a sweat, Seymour gets better and better every year.

In a recent interview with Prevention, Seymour talked about aging gracefully and staying her healthiest. She said, “But in terms of being in tune with my age. I’m not pretending that I’m not my age, I just like to look the healthiest version that I can.”

She added that her mindset helps her stay youthful, saying, “I think as much as anything it’s an attitude towards life. If you see a positive in life, if you have a purpose, if you’re not thinking all the time about yourself, if you’re thinking about ‘what can I do to help others that are less fortunate? What can I do today that can make a difference in the world? Or what can I do to enjoy this amazing planet we are on, or the gifts we have and the gift of life?’”

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