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Jennifer Lopez’s New Music Video Includes Intimate Footage of Her Cuddling in Bed With Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez’s latest music video for her song, “Marry Me,” is possibly giving fans a hint that she and Ben Affleck are closer to a walk down the aisle than we think. The Tender Bar actor makes a cameo appearance that even includes a few intimate moments in bed together with Lopez.

Longtime followers already know that this isn’t Affleck’s first time in one of J.Lo’s videos — nobody will ever forget their iconic 2002 video for “Jenny from the Block.” This time around, his moment in the spotlight with the pop star is a little more subtle. (Watch the video HERE.) It cuts back and forth between Lopez singing in the studio and personal behind-the-scenes moments of her on the road with her team. But behind the J.Lo empire is the man she reunited with after 17 years apart — and that’s where we get some cute cuddling in bed (although we can barely see Affleck’s face).

This time around, the power duo has tried to keep some aspects of their relationship away from the media, which was highly involved the first time Bennifer swung into the tabloid universe. While the public will see plenty of PDA, there isn’t going to be a public marriage proposal. “I don’t know that I would love a proposal, I think that that’s a more intimate thing between two people, but I have no problem with PDA,” she explained recently to Heart FM radio show. Lopez believes a proposal is “an intimate, sacred thing,” and she wants the big moment to be about the two of them, and nobody else. “When you’re about to pledge your lives to each other that’s a big deal,” she added.

So, for now, we have to enjoy the fleeting moments in her music video with her man, who makes her genuinely happy. And it’s probably a hint that it’s only a matter of time before these two are Mr. and Mrs. Bennifer.

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