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The First Lady of Ukraine Shared an Open Letter Warning What Could Happen If Putin Isn’t Stopped

The First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska is letting the world know how life can change instantaneously. It’s a warning she hopes the world will heed as her country, run by her husband, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, is besieged by attacks from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Zelenska shared “An Open Letter to the Global Media” thanking everyone for the humanitarian aid, but also giving everyone a reality check that “the war in Ukraine is not a war ‘somewhere out there,'” it’s a war “in Europe, close to the EU borders.” She doesn’t want any of our leaders to drop their guard because any conflict would have seemed like an impossibility just a month ago. “Last week to me and my people, this would have seemed like an exaggeration, but it is the reality we’re living in today,” she wrote. “And we do not know how long it will last. If we don’t stop Putin, who threatens to start a nuclear war, there will be no safe place in the world for any of us.”

She and her husband have been begging NATO to close the Ukrainian airspace, but many leaders are concerned this will spark World War III. That didn’t stop Zelenska from pleading her country’s case in her post. “In cities where shelling persists, where people find themselves under debris, unable to get out of basements for days, we need safe corridors for humanitarian aid and evacuation of civilians to safety,” she added. “We need those in power to close our sky! Close the sky, and we will manage the war on the ground ourselves.”

While many of the images seen in the media feel full of despair, Zelenska knows that the spirit and resolve of Ukrainians is bigger than Putin could have ever imagined. “We will win. Because of our unity,” she concluded. “Unity towards love for Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine!”

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