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Camila Cabello Agreeing to Appear on TV Does Not Mean It’s Okay to Share Photos of Her Wardrobe Malfunction

We’ve seen wardrobe malfunctions in the past — it happens. When someone unintentionally exposes a body part, the proper course of action is to avert your eyes and pretend it never happened, not screengrab the moment so it can be played on repeat to embarrass the subject. We saw it happen with Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl, and sadly, Cinderella star Camila Cabello has now suffered a similar malfunction that has Twitter users trying to share the pictures online. And in case people needed a refresher, that’s not okay.

During a virtual appearance on the BBC’s The One Show on Monday, Cabello was promoting her upcoming world tour and third album. Then she showed the crowd some of her favorite impressive dance moves, per the request of the host Alex Jones — and unfortunately, had a wardrobe malfunction. When she stood up and adjusted her top, she accidentally exposed her breast. But she handled it like a pro, joking, “I hope you didn’t see nipple.”

The host worked on damage control as well, saying, “Do you know what? There was a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. I don’t know what I saw. There was a flash of something.”

Jones’ male counterparts, however, screamed, exclaiming things like “I’ve been a victim of cyber flashing” despite Cabello obviously looking uncomfortable. But again, she’s a pro, so she joked it off again, saying, “My mom is in the next room right now, possibly freaking out about my wardrobe malfunction.”

Later that day Cabello posted a TikTok saying, “When my stylist asked me if I wanted nip covers and I said no” and adding, “Least they’re cute tho.”


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Sadly, many people are taking screenshots of the malfunction, bringing attention to it, and ogling over it — which is so not okay. Just because she agreed to be on TV doesn’t mean she agreed to have this happen to her or have people share photos of it all over Twitter.

Many Twitter users have been defending Cabello and telling the screenshot-sharers to quit it. If we know Cabello, we’re sure she’ll keep her head up and not be phased by disrespectful people, but let this incident be a reminder to us all about internet etiquette and common decency.

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