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The Children of Russian Oligarchs Are Supporting Ukraine, Despite Political Ties

Activism comes in many forms: some take to the streets, some raise money, and others take to social media. While many have been taking it to the streets during the ongoing Ukrainian and Russian war, some Russian elites are showing their solidarity through their social media.

These elite kids have a mixture of huge followings and political connections, making their posts make headlines around the world.

One of the first to do this was Sofia Abramovich, also known as the daughter of Russian oligarch and confidant of Vladimir Putin, Roman Abramovich. She posted a message of her solidarity with the Ukrainian people on her Instagram story, according to the NY Post. Along with that, one of her posts powerfully read  “The biggest and most successful lie out of the Kremlin propaganda is that most Russians are with Putin.”

Next, Maria Yumasheva, granddaughter of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin posted a photo of the Ukrainian flag to her Instagram on Feb. 24. She posted the photo with a caption that translates to “No War.”

Along with that, according to her Instagram story from today, she seems to be at an anti-war protest in Moscow.

The latest Russian socialite to show her stance on the ongoing war was the daughter of  Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov named Elizaveta Peskova. According to the same NY Post article, Elizaveta posted a photo with the translated caption of “No to the war.” However, the post was quickly deleted.

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