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Sofia Vergara’s Women’s History Month Post Features ‘Badass Women’ Like Heidi Klum, Betty White & Her Lookalike Niece

Sofia Vergara is letting people know she loves the women in both her personal life and career for Women’s History Month. On March 2, Vergara posted a series of photos with the caption, “To kick off Women’s History Month, I want to highlight some of the most bada$$ women I know. They’ve inspired me, encouraged me to challenge the norms (especially in Hollywood), and broken plenty of glass ceilings. To these female powerhouses, gracias. xx”

In the first photo, we see Vergara and Heidi Klum in a gorgeous selfie while on the set of America’s Got Talent. In the next photo, we get a throwback photo of Vergara and the late Betty White smiling for the camera. In the next few photos, we get some stunning snapshots of her and her powerful friends and former co-stars from Modern Family.

Then, Vergara posts a photo of her and legendary star Sophia Loren before ending it on a rare photo of her and her niece Claudia Vergara.

Vergara and her niece are super close. Even Claudia told US Magazine that they swap clothes all the time. “We share clothes all the time, all the time. Anything from the waist down, for sure. From the waist up, I don’t have the boobs for it. I borrow everything from her except shoes because she’s 5’9”, so it’s the one thing I can’t steal, but purses and jackets for sure. We’re also the same size in denim, so that too.”

In a 2019 snippet from Yahoo Entertainment, Vergara gave her thoughts on equality for women. “I don’t believe that women should be given anything just because they’re women. We’re supposed to be equal and have the same capacities, so if we’re good, we deserve as much as everyone to get all of those opportunities.”

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