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Neve Campbell Says She May No Longer Revive Her Final Girl Role in Scream: ‘I’ll See How I Feel’

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What’s your favorite scary movie? It’s Screamright? If it is, then we may have some bad news for you about the future of the Scream universe. Neve Campbell, who’s starred as beloved Final Girl Sidney Prescott for five movies, may not return to revive her legendary character.

During a Q&A panel at the Mad Monster Party horror convention per HollywoodLife, Campbell said that she’ll have to think about returning for the sixth installment. She confirmed that she’s been “approached” about returning, but didn’t confirm anything else. She said, “There’s no script yet. There is a draft coming in soon is what I was told. Actually, I was supposed to call a producer yesterday, because he wanted to talk to me about what’s going on. You know, we’ll see. I’ll read the script and see how I feel.”

Scream movie without Campbell? The horror, truly. But we understand. Campbell has been playing the lead character in the Scream universe for nearly 30 years. The first movie Scream came out in 1996, which followed a group of teenagers terrorized by a Ghostface killer. The movie was an instant sensation, garnering a cult following. The fifth and latest movie was released this year, leaving fans itching for more. Along with the successful five films, there was also a TV show based on the universe that went on for three seasons.

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In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Campbell said she deeply cares about her character and never wants her to end up a victim. “I think it is important [that she never becomes a victim in these movies]. She does represent a certain amount of strength and lack of victimhood, and that means a great deal to people. I’ve had a lot of people come up to me in the past and just say that she inspired them in some way or helped them in their lives in some way, which is not what you normally expect when you’re performing in a horror film. I certainly would hate to see Sidney fall. I think it would be the wrong message.”


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