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Ben Stiller & Christine Taylor Got Back Together 21 Years After They First Married

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor’s marriage weathered some bumps over the years, but the couple is happy to announce that they’ve reconciled and are back together. The reconciliation happened slowly during the early days of the pandemic when everyone was locked down — Stiller moved in with Taylor so they could co-parent their kids, daughter Ella Olivia, 19, and son Quinlin Dempsey, 16, together.

“Then, over the course of time, it evolved,” Stiller explained in a new Esquire interview. “We were separated and got back together and we’re happy about that. It’s been really wonderful for all of us. Unexpected, and one of the things that came out of the pandemic.” After walking down the aisle in 2000, the couple separated in 2017 but were often seen out and about (sometimes holding hands) in the years that followed. “They are a very loving family,” an insider told People in 2018. “[Christine] and Ben respect each other and will do anything to make sure their kids are happy.”

Stiller revealed that much of the rekindling of their romance came from accepting each other’s differences. “Once you accept that, you save a lot of energy. ‘This is something that works for me; this is something that doesn’t work for me.’ If you have that trust level with your partner, you know that me saying ‘I don’t like doing that thing’ is not me saying ‘I don’t like you,’ ” he shared. With that new level of understanding, the adorable couple was able to make their way back into each other’s arms.

Even when they were separated, it sounds like there was always love between them — they just needed some quiet time (like a pandemic) to realize that they were meant to be together.

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