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Prince Harry May Be Keeping in Closer Touch With Royal Affairs Than We Realized

Prince Harry’s relationship to cousin Princess Eugenie has always been an important one to him, but their bond might be providing an even bigger lifeline than we ever imagined. Now that has stepped away from his senior role, she is quite possibly keeping him apprised of what’s really happening in the royal family.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight that Harry knows more about what is happening at the palace than people realize because Eugenie is “very, very close to the queen.” She explained, “He’ll be able to get messages back to his family through Eugenie and hear everything that’s been going on… through his cousin.” That crucial relationship of Harry to Eugenie and Eugenie to Queen Elizabeth creates a level of communication that many royal watchers were probably missing out on.

For Harry, it might make him feel more connected to his home country, especially “at a time where some of his other familiar relations are quite stringed.” For the Duke of Sussex to know the current inner workings at the palace, it allows him to make the best choices for his family, especially when it comes to that tricky security issue he is currently fighting in court. Nicholl believes his heart wants to be there for the Queen’s Jubilee, but “it’s unlikely that he’s going to come over with his family because there is this big issue now over his security.”

Hopefully that crucial issue will be resolved in time for the big celebration in June, but for now, it looks like Harry is relying on his “very, very close” bond with Eugenie to keep him in the loop what’s happening back home.

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