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Carrie Coon Blew Fans’ Minds by Revealing She Was 8 Months Pregnant in This Gilded Age Scene

Gilded Age star Carrie Coon is enjoying the success of her HBO series, but she’s taking the time to praise the work of the costume department for hiding her pregnancy behind gorgeous capes and fabrics. The illusion worked so well that many viewers had no clue she even gave birth in the summer of 2021.

The cat is officially out of the bag after one fan tweeted about Coon’s wardrobe, along with a clip from the show. “obsessed with everything carrie coon wears,” they wrote. “is it historically accurate? is it intentionally ugly? is this camp?” They probably weren’t expecting a response from the 41-year-old actress, but she retweeted them with a shocking answer. “Eight months pregnant,” she wrote along with a smirking emoji. While the outfits were pretty easy to wear at the beginning of filming, the wardrobe got a bit trickier as she advanced into her third trimester.

“There were a few months where I got to wear the costumes as they existed. But when we came back, I had to put strings on the back of all of them,” Coon told Entertainment Tonight. “What’s extraordinary about this story is that no one batted an eye. They all just got on board.” By the end of her pregnancy, “very fancy capes” were created and “there were a lot of moving buttons,” but they made it work. If they couldn’t hide her baby bump, she joked that would use “a very well-timed carriage going by” to hide it in the shot.

Her followers were impressed with how elegantly Coon carried herself in the heavy wardrobe while pregnant. “Cannot imagine wearing those gowns and a corset at that stage. Amazing,” one user complimented the actress. Another mom raved, “I had a VERY obvious waddle when I was 8 months pregnant yet here you are gracefully walking like a ballerina.” This wonderful secret proves how a skillful team of costumer designers, and a talented actress, can create TV magic that astounds us all.

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