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Halle Berry Is Living Her Best Life in Dancing Swimsuit Photos

Truly, Halle Berry is living her best life. Between lovey photoshoots on the beach with her boyfriend Van Hunt to breaking the internet during the Super Bowl, Berry knows how to live it up. Now, she’s turning everyone’s heads with a series of gorgeous swimsuit photos.

On Feb. 18, Berry posted three separate posts of her in a swimsuit on the beach, and collaborator Peter Lee Thomas, announced that an old tradition is coming back. In the first post, she announced, “… guess what? #FitnessFriday is coming BACK y’all!!! @peterleethomas, and I have been off working and we haven’t been together in a while … but we’re back, ready to give you more Fitness Friday fun and tips and continue to encourage you along your fitness journey! Head over to @respin NEXT FRIDAY for our first workout. No excuses… you got a week to get ready! Let’s re•spin our fit together! Happy Fitness Friday!”

But the photo everyone is freaking out about is of her dancing in the air in her swimsuit, with the caption, “jump over to @respin! No excuses this week! New #FitnessFriday workout with @peterleethomas and I, coming next Friday!”

You can see the dancing photo HERE and the original announcement HERE.

For those that don’t know, Thomas is Berry’s long-time trainer, and respin is their shared platform to talk about all things fitness.

Berry recently opened up to Women’s Health in early 2021 about how her fifties have shaped her exercise regimen, saying, “Back in my 20s (and 30s), though, I mostly worked out in order to look a certain way. I was young and appearance was a big part of my early acting career.” She added that after her diabetes diagnosis at 22, she saw fitness “as a way to care for my health and my body.” From then on, she focused on being strong and healthy for her and her kids, incorporating yoga, weights, resistance bands, and martial arts into her workouts.

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