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Paris Jackson’s New Gorgeous Snapshots Show Her Free Spirit & Superstar Friends

With her Instagram posts, Paris Jackson always does two things: looks absolutely stunning and gives fans another glimpse into her whirlwind life. This time around, she did both by posting a series of photos of her and her surprising superstar friends at a recent party.

On Feb. 16, Jackson posted a series of photos with the simple, loving caption, “frens” with a small heart emoji.

In the first photo, we see Jackson give the camera a smile as her hair is flipped to the side, and she shows off her gorgeous arm tattoos. In the next photo, she’s posing with Photographer Jamie Bruce, who’s posing with a silly face as Jackson continues to flash her grin. Next, Vas J Morgan and Demi Lovato make an appearance as Jackson poses with them at the star-studded get-together. Then we end it with a group photo with Jackson, Morgan, Michael Braun, and singer Rita Ora.

So Jackson looks drop-dead gorgeous, as always, and it’s super cool to get a  glimpse of her A-lister friends on her timeline.

Jackson has had an eventful 2022 already, from seeing the long-awaited opening of MJ: The Musical — a play based on her father Michael Jackson’s life — to parties with friends to newly releasing another EP this past week called the lost ep.

Despite having a plethora of friends, Jackson opened up during her appearance at Red Table Talk that she has a hard time trusting people, so much so that she asks people to sign NDAs when they come to her house. She said she’s “constantly looking over [her] shoulder.” She added, “Everyone that walks into my house signs an NDA. It’s gnarly. It does a lot to your nervous system because you’re constantly in fight or flight. Fight, flight, freeze collapse, you’re constantly walking on eggshells, constantly looking over your shoulder, like you have to sit up straight and act right. Because if you don’t, it not only reflects on your reputation but your family’s reputation.”

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