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Eric Trump’s Dream Dinner Conversation With Jesus Christ Is Confusing Even the Biggest Trump Fans

An age-old interview question has gotten the best of Eric Trump. Many reporters and talk show hosts have leaned on this question because it can often elicit a fascinating response. And the 38-year-old son of Donald Trump didn’t give a wrong answer, he gave one that many people would probably agree with: Jesus Christ.

But this is where things go south quickly in his Daily Wire conversation with Candace Owens. She follows up on that question, asking, “What would you ask him?” Eric decides it’s a good time to talk to Jesus about President Joe Biden, “Did you envision this happening to the United States of America? Did you ever envision a person as incompetent as Joe Biden running the United States of America? How in the world did this happen?” Really? Out of all the miraculous stories the Bible told about Jesus, he wants to talk politics? OK, maybe there’s more Eric wants to ask him? Of course, Eric doubled down on this, “Honestly, I might ask him if this is actually a ploy to show people the differences between Republican leadership and Democratic leadership. Sometimes I think about that.”

It looks like a lot of people on social were also baffled by his hot topics with Jesus. One account chimed in, “Getting a chance to have dinner with Jesus Christ, your Christian faith vindicated after so many years. Proof of a higher power, the afterlife and more is in front of you in the flesh. With the mysteries of the universe swirling around in your brain, you ask him about Joe Biden.” Another user remarked about Eric’s church attendance, “This man’s clearly never been to church.” And yes, even members of the GOP took issue with his comments, writing, “OMG! (pun intended) Well, now that’s a bunch of holy crap, isn’t it? And I am…er….used to be a Republican.”

This might be a dinner party even Jesus doesn’t want an invite to.

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