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Cindy Crawford Still Has Her Pinup Poses Down Perfectly in This Beachside Balcony Photoshoot

Cindy Crawford enjoyed her Valentine’s Day by camping it up with a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses, but her impromptu photoshoot might have been pretty epic for anyone passing by on the street. The 55-year-old supermodel stepped out onto her beachside balcony to pose for the adorable snapshots.

Wearing a short, red robe, she flashed her fit, long longs with a little showgirl bevel to add even more character to the moment. The two images show Crawford’s playful side of just having fun and living in the moment. She wished her followers lots of love on their Valentine’s Day with emojis featuring a red heart and a pair of lips.

With Crawford celebrating her 56th birthday in a few days, her health and wellness regimen is always a top priority. She explained to W Magazine that she “started with exercise” when she was in her early modeling days — but it took some time to find her rhythm when it came to taking care of her body. “I think when you are working out that hard, it’s natural to want to carry over that good feeling by eating healthy,” she said. “I started reading books and sometimes following more ‘fad’ diets, but eventually I figured out what works for me.”

That has also meant taking care of her mental health, particularly during the last few stressful years, so she found the space in her life for “regular meditation practice.” Crawford added, “I have found this great for just being in the moment and calming my mind.” That also gives her the opportunity to enjoy those little moments in life, like a spirited moment on her hotel balcony.

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