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Britney Spears Was Invited Before Congress to Share Her Experience in the Conservatorship System

Since her 13-year conservatorship finally came to an end in November, we’ve seen how Britney Spears has been embracing this new chapter in her life. The “Toxic” hitmaker hasn’t held anything back, calling out members of her family for how she was treated and giving her longtime fans a glimpse at a whole new side of herself. Recently, however, Spears revealed she was invited to congress to share her experience under her restrictive conservatorship, and the response she posted to Instagram gave us even more insight into how she’s coming to terms with her trauma.

The letter was sent to Spears dated December 1, 2021, by U.S. Representatives Charlie Crist and Eric Swalwell, who commended Spears for her “historic victories.” The two politicians extended a personal invitation to Spears “to describe in [her] own words how [she] achieved justice.” While Spears was incredibly touched by the invitation, she shared with fans why it’s taken her more than two months to share the invitation publicly.

“I received this letter months ago…An invitation to share my story,” Spears began. The performer noted how “flattered” she was, but confessed she “wasn’t nearly at the healing stage I’m in now.” Spears concluded her post, writing, “I want to help others in vulnerable situations, take life by the balls and be brave!!! I wish I would have been…I was so scared and nothing is worse than your own family doing what they did to me…I’m lucky to have a small circle of adorable friends who I can count on…In the mean time thank you to Congress for inviting me to the White House.”

Given that the letter to Spears came less than a month following the dissolution of her conservatorship, it’s really no wonder Spears didn’t immediately take the respective politicians up on their offer and go to Washington D.C. to share her story. For the past few months, Spears has been acclimating to her new life, enjoying time with her fiancé Sam Asghari, and regaining many of the freedoms she was denied during her conservatorship. We know Spears wants to be an agent for change following everything she endured under her conservatorship, we just look forward to seeing how she uses her platform in her own time.

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