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Candace Cameron Bure Didn’t Know About the Saget Family Lawsuit When She Commented on Fox & Friends

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story implied Candace Cameron Bure was aware of the Saget family lawsuit at the time of her comments. Bure’s rep has since confirmed that Bure had no knowledge of the lawsuit at the time of her Fox & Friends comments. 

It’s obvious that the Full House family is still deeply mourning the loss of Bob Saget, and it must be tough to navigate all the interest in his story. On Wednesday, former Full House co-star Candace Cameron Bure appeared on Fox & Friends and spoke about her late friend, including that recently released details about the accident that led to his death raised “questions” about what exactly might have happened.

On the show, the Hallmark star discussed the “difficult” time she’s been going through since the loss of her friend, then added that “because of more things that have come out” regarding his cause of death, “there’s a lot of questions.”

While Bure’s curiosity and concern are understandable, a new lawsuit from the Saget family indicates that they would prefer the public not to dwell on the details of the accident. On Tuesday, his widow Kelly Rizzo and his three daughters filed a lawsuit to block autopsy documents from being released, citing privacy concerns amidst renewed public interest in the details of his death, noting that several media outlets had requested that reports regarding his death be made available to the public.

On Feb. 9, the Saget family gave a statement sharing some details of the comedian’s death: according to the coroner’s report, Saget died from a brain bleed due to accidental head trauma. Now, they are asking that the conversation stop as they mourn the devastating loss of their family member.

A Florida Circuit judge agreed to temporarily block the release of those sensitive documents to the press on Wednesday, and Bure’s rep has confirmed that the actress was unaware of both the lawsuit and the judge’s ruling at the time that she was asked these questions about Saget’s death on Fox & Friends. Bure’s other comments on the show were very much in line with how the Saget family would like to move forward: “I want to remember Bob and what a kind and loving and amazing person that he was,” the actress said.

As the Saget family works towards healing, they’ve taken the legal steps to protect themselves, and we hope the public will understand that there’s no need to retraumatize them by continuing to discuss the accident. It’s time for everyone to let Saget’s work be the legacy he leaves behind.

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