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If You’ve Seen Inventing Anna, You Have to Read This Book About Anna Delvey — Currently #1 on Amazon

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Only a few short years after her trial, Anna Delvey and her crimes are once again the center of attention, thanks in part to Shonda Rhimes’ Inventing Anna. The Netflix mini-series, which debuted February 11, has captivated a whole new audience who weren’t necessarily privy to Delvey (surname Sorokin) and the crimes of which she was convicted, including grand larceny, second-degree larceny, and more. But to understand Delvey, the series gives viewers a glimpse at the people surrounding the scammer, including former friend Rachel DeLoache Williams. If you’ve binged through all of Inventing Anna, Williams’ book about the “fake heiress” is the ideal follow-up to the glossy series — and it’s currently a no. 1 new release on Amazon.

My Friend Anna: The True Story of a Fake Heiress chronicles Williams’ friendship and fallout with the NYC grifter. At the start of their friendship, Williams enjoyed everything from nights on town, to luxury saunas, and more with Delvey footing the bill, as seen in the Netflix limited series. But following a trip to Marrakech, things took a wild turn. In her book, Williams recalls how Delvey’s credit cards suddenly stopped working, and how it was Williams who ended up covering a number of the expenses for their vacation.

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The total cost amounted to more than $60,000 — and the woman Williams thought was her friend never paid her back. What’s more, My Friend Anna reveals how Williams began to put the pieces together and discover that Delvey was leaving a trail of debt and unpaid bills wherever she went. While Inventing Anna depicts much of Williams’ story, her book goes a step further.

Inventing Anna serves as a strong foundation to read and learn more about the depth of Delvey’s greed and deceit, along with the wealth and excess those who were in proximity to Delvey believed she possessed. As much as it offers a new perspective on the Anna Delvey story, it’s also a thrilling read. If you’re a true crime fan, or just as obsessed with this wild story as we are, this book is totally for you.

'My Friend Anna: The True Story of a Fake Heiress' by Rachel DeLoache Williams $17.09 on

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