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Tom Brady Had a Tough Time Being Left Out of the First Super Bowl Since His Retirement

When you are one of the greatest players to ever play football, sitting out your last Super Bowl certainly must hurt. Tom Brady was feeling every moment of his retirement after winning last year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This year he watched the game from the sidelines as the Los Angeles Rams, who beat his team in the playoffs, took home the big win. Of course, he had a sense of humor about it..

He posted a hilarious calendar reminder on his Instagram Story that informed him that the Super Bowl was happening at noon that day. Brady wrote on the photo, “Sh*t…” Since he wasn’t needed on the field, we guess he turned that painful notification off. That wasn’t his only joke about the game, he made sure to comment on wife Gisele Bündchen’s Instagram post where she asked in her selfie, “Who’s working this weekend?” He quipped back, “I wish I was!!”

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Tom Brady’s Instagram Story. Tom Brady/Instagram.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion wouldn’t be human if he didn’t wish he was playing just one more time (although a few football fans are probably relieved to have a Brady-free game). His next steps are figuring out “what’s next,” but he is putting his family first. “I’m gonna spend some time with them and give them what they need, ’cause they’ve really been giving me what I need the last six months to do what I love to do,” he said in his SiriusXM podcast, Let’s Go!I said this a few years ago, it’s what relationships are all about. It’s not always what I want. It’s what we want as a family.”

The athlete will have plenty of opportunities coming his way as he navigates what it is like to be retired from football at the age of 44. And we shouldn’t count Brady out, he did say “never say never” about a possible comeback.

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