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Elizabeth Hurley Greets The Weekend With Breathtaking & Sunny Bikini Video

Elizabeth Hurley just made our weekends yet again by posting a gorgeous video of her posing in one of her most iconic bikini ensembles. On Feb. 12, Hurley posted a video of herself looking as happy and carefree as can be while in a white bikini with the simple caption, “Happy weekend.”

In the video, we see Hurley rocking a white bikini with gold accents as she happily poses in the sun. We see her in a grotto-esque background while she holds onto a 2000s-like cowboy hat. Hurley is no stranger to making our jaws drop with alluring bikini posts, consistently looking like she’s posing for the cover of Sports Illustrated. And most of the time, she rocks her own beachwear line called Elizabeth Hurley Beach.

Hurley founded the beachwear line back in 2005, making beachwear for girls and women alike that are fashion conscious and love luxury pieces. For years she’s posted snapshots of her modeling her own line, and fans can’t get enough of it!

However, some people aren’t a fan of Hurley’s goddess-level bikini photos, but she quickly defended them. She told Extra, “I have my own swimwear line.” She added, “I wouldn’t ordinarily be prancing around in quite so much beachwear, so there is a reason behind prancing around in so many swimsuits.” And also, it’s her page — if it makes her confident and it’s not hurting anyone, she can do what she wants!

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