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Salma Hayek Is Making Us Want to Book a Vacation With This Gorgeous Tropical Bikini Throwback

Salma Hayek is making us want to take a tropical vacation after posting her latest Instagram photo — anything to get us out of the cold, dreary days of winter. The stunning snapshot also has an artistic feel to it since the photographer gave us an aerial view of the Eternals star swimming in the sunshine.

Wearing a turquoise-blue bikini, it’s a bottoms-up shot of Hayek enjoying the cool waters of the pool. She’s surrounded by lush gardens in what looks to be a very relaxing holiday. The 55-year-old actress isn’t trying to make us jealous, though, she let us know it’s a throwback photo from a prior trip. So, it looks like we aren’t the only ones wishing the weekend ahead involved a warm climate.

Hayek has truly embraced life in her 50s, but she didn’t always feel that way when it came to aging. “I hated it when I turned 30 – I had a crisis,” she admitted to The Mirror. “But being in my fifties, I love.” The one thing that shifted within her was a sense of gratitude for the life she has built with her husband, François-Henri Pinault, and daughter Valentina Paloma, 14. “I feel like I have everything. I’m really grateful and feel blessed but I will always be obsessed with evolution and growth,” Hayek explained. “It’s like, ‘OK, now you’ve accomplished this, how can you continue to be better and grow in different directions in your life?’ Sometimes it is very easy when you have it all to stay in the comfort zone.”

Hayek is showing off that growth with the roles she is tackling in this season of life, and reminding all of us that as we age, we can tackle new challenges — and still long for those lazy days of vacation.

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