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LA Rams Quarterback Matthew Stafford Earns Over $50,000 Per Minute of Play From the NFL

With the Super Bowl only days away, lots of football fans are diving into the statistics of the NFL quarterback — not only how they play on the field, but how much they earn per minute. (We promise you, it’s a lot.) Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford is on this list at $50,110 per minute, but Cincinnati Bengals star Joe Burrow is not. He might want to make a call to his agent to ask for more money, depending on how Sunday’s game plays out.

What is also surprising is that the quarterback who is considered the GOAT — yes, Tom Brady (we know some of you will argue with us) — isn’t in the No. 1 spot. That’s reserved for Indianapolis Colts athlete Jacoby Brissett, who makes an astounding $956, 975 per minute compared to Brady’s No. 21 spot at $55,244 per minute. This list was determined by All Home Connections, an authorized AT&T dealer, where they based their calculations on the 2020 season and earnings using the formula of “their number of total snaps in the regular season and playoff games and multiplied that by their offense’s average seconds per play.”

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The Top 25 Highest-Paid NFL Quarterbacks All Home Connections.

Now, no one is feeling sorry for any athlete on this list because they make a handsome salary no matter what, but it is fascinating to see how public perceptions of the greatest players sometimes differ from how their pay per minute works out. And if you’re following Stafford’s trade from the Detroit Lions to the LA Rams, the football player is likely sitting pretty when it comes to his contract. Whether he wins or loses the Super Bowl, he’s had a stellar season with the team — and he’s due for a raise on his five-year, $135 million deal.

He will head out to the field on Sunday as the highest-paid player and he’s not taking any moment for granted. “These opportunities are what you play the game for,” Stafford said to reporters on Monday, via Forbes. “I’m so lucky to be in this situation and being able to go out and battle one more time with this great group of guys.”

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