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Brooke Shields Says It’s a ‘Privilege’ to Showcase Her 56-Year-Old Body in a Sexy New Jordache Campaign

Brooke Shields has been in the public eye for her entire life as a model and actress, but she’s now more appreciative of her body at 56 years of age than she’s ever been. That’s why her latest campaign for Jordache jeans comes at the right time in her life.

As a teen, she was linked to the iconic Calvin Klein denim commercials, and now, she’s bringing Jordache’s heritage line of jeans back to the forefront with stunning new photos. (See more photos HERE.) She told People that she “appreciate[s] it more now” because she understands the responsibility of being the face of a brand — and one that honors a woman in every decade of life. “It’s such an honor to be my age and be represented. I feel the magnitude of it more,” Shields explained. “There’s a knowledge that comes with age, and this feels less like a job and more like a privilege.”

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Jordache Taps Brooke Shields For Latest Campaign Cass Bird.

One of her refreshing stipulations for signing on with the company was that she wanted to look like a woman in her 50s by keeping the editing off the menu completely. “It was important for you to see this is my 56-year-old body and to fight the retouching,” Shields revealed. “I’m always like, ‘You better keep it honest.’ And we did.”

The images show the strength that Shields has been broadcasting about on her social media accounts recently because she believes in “owning your sexuality at this age.” She’s done with the narrative that women aren’t sexy after a certain age, so she’s thrilled to be able to carry that message of empowerment.

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