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Not Everyone Is Excited For Duchess Camilla to Be Queen After Her Infamous Affair With Prince Charles

The news that Queen Elizabeth is OK with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, taking the title of queen once Prince Charles ascends to the throne, isn’t sitting well with everyone. The View‘s Sunny Hostin has a strong opinion on the topic that has her firmly in Princess Diana’s corner.

Joy Behar brought up the subject during the Hot Topics segment on Monday’s show, sharing that many royal watchers were disappointed by the news because of the couple’s affair while Charles was married to Diana. Hostin immediately referenced the BBC Panorama interview about how the infidelity affected Diana, citing that the princess looked “so traumatized and looking, quite frankly, very depressed.” The daytime star added, “She was never given—I think—the chance by Charles to really be in love because Camilla was waiting in the wings, like mistresses oftentimes do.”

Hostin was showing no mercy to Camilla, stating that her misdeeds in the past shouldn’t be rewarded. “I don’t think you get the title of queen, when you really were a mistress, and maybe, you should just stick with Princess Cohort,” she remarked while misspeaking about the Princess Consort title. “She’s the Queen Adulterer.” Ouch! But you can’t just punish Camilla if that is the case, because Charles was also an equal participant in the affair — and we know there is no stopping him from becoming king.

While the other co-hosts were more sympathetic to Camilla and the love triangle that played out in public, Hostin got the last word in after Behar stated, “Let him be happy as he’s the king.” She astutely said, “They didn’t let Harry be happy with his princess.” And mic drop.

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Prince Charles, Princess Diana

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