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Ben Affleck Gamely Carrying Around Jennifer Lopez’s Bags While She Does Press Are Their Best Photos Yet

Last fall, Jennifer Lopez did a great job in supporting boyfriend Ben Affleck while he was promoting The Tender Bar, but now, it’s his turn. She’s busy getting the word out about her upcoming rom-com, Marry Me, so the actor is there to tend to her every need — and that includes being her official purse holder.

Yes, there comes a day in every man’s life when he’s given the crucial duty of holding the bag that includes everything a woman needs — snacks, lip gloss and a smartphone. But Affleck dates J.Lo, so that bag multiplies quickly and one sometimes turns into two (the joys of dating an A-list star). The Oscar winner didn’t seem put out at all, though, as he trudged through Manhattan to their awaiting car with her designer purse and a cooler (freshly prepared meals?). We would love to have someone ask Lopez what is inside because this is the deep-dive investigation that we need right now.

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Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez MEGA.

Seeing Affleck step up, and be her right-hand man during a very busy time in her career, shows how far their relationship has grown from the “Jenny from the Block” days. They are completely unbothered by the paparazzi coverage this time around and the duo knows how to navigate the press just to give everyone a tease (and then retreat back until the next PR moment). It gives them the press and the privacy they need at the same time.

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Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck ZapatA/MEGA.

The “I’m Real” singer even made that very clear in her interview with Hoda Kotb the other day, sharing “I think what we learned from the last time is that love, when you are lucky enough to find it, is so sacred and special and you have to hold a little bit of that privately, and that’s what we’ve learned. But we’re very happy, if that’s what you’re wondering about.” So fans are going to have to decipher those little clues from the real-life relationship moments captured by the paparazzi — because the couple is keeping things more low key this time around.

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Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez

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