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Faith Hill’s 20-Year-Old Daughter Audrey McGraw Shared a Gorgeous Photo Twinning With Her Mom

Faith Hill and her youngest daughter, Audrey McGraw, are the cutest duo in a snapshot shared by Audrey on her Instagram page. Their twinning outfits from a family vacation back in 2019 show that the 1883 star looks like an older sister to her daughter.

Wearing classic, cutoff-denim shorts, white T-shirts and black sunglasses, it’s hard to tell who is the mom and who is the daughter. The 20-year-old model marked their location as Delos, Greece, and informed everyone in the caption, “twinning in 2019” — just so everyone knows it’s a throwback carousel. The sweet part about Audrey posting the images on her account means she really loves these photos with Hill (we know photo approval on mom’s account is probably a thing in their family).

Audrey is following her famous parents’ footsteps and is enjoying the spotlight as an actress and a model. She starred in dad Tim McGraw’s music video, “7500 OBO” last year after his director suggested they cast her as a teen, who is broken-hearted after her boyfriend moves away. “This is sort of the first time that we’ve stuck Audrey out there in the middle of a video and you guys suggested it!” he said in a YouTube Premium interview. “But then when I kept reading the treatment … she was the only person I could think of.”

Dad also noted that it was a family decision to get Audrey involved in the project because they’ve shied away from thrusting their three daughters in the spotlight in the past. “Typically, for the kids, we haven’t really put them out there in these sort of situations,” he explained. “But the more Faith and I talked about it … and really started digging into it, [we realized] how much it made sense to us and our family and our beliefs, and how we want our daughters to be represented.” With Audrey happily sharing photos of her adorable mom on her Instagram page, it looks like she’s adapting perfectly fine to life in the public eye.

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