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Rudy Giuliani’s Reported Appearance on The Masked Singer Even Has Robin Thicke Morally Outraged

The Masked Singer is a reality show known for drawing unexpected contestants like Mickey Rourke, Dionne Warwick and Seal, but the latest contestant is rather controversial to just about everyone. (Spoiler alert!) Former Donald Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani was reportedly unmasked during a taping last week, prompting judges Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke to exit the stage.

According to Deadline, judges Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger stuck around to quiz the polarizing political figure as Jeong and Thicke were protesting his participation in the show. Giuliani has become a presence, who doesn’t seem welcome in either party — Democrats believe he helped promote the unfounded claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Trump while the Republicans think he is a liability now with his ongoing legal cases. So why would The Masked Singer even bother to cast him?

Co-executive producer Deena Katz loves to find newsmakers to be on the show — and she doesn’t care if they are unlikable, it generates headlines. She also casts Dancing With the Stars, so Katz had a hand in bringing Sean Spicer aboard for the 28th season. The Masked Singer judges probably should have expected another stunt casting like this, especially after Sarah Palin had already been a part of the third season. For whatever reason, red states seem to love competitive reality shows, and that’s why viewers see more conservative contestants than liberal public figures from the political realm.

The casting move even bugged Thicke (not exactly Hollywood’s biggest moral compass), but as jaw-dropping as Giuliani’s presence may be to the cast, it’s going to create bonanza ratings for FOX. That’s exactly what they want and it’s why reality shows continue to participate in stunt-casting. The only way to stop such cheap TV show maneuvers is to not tune into the show, which many people might find harder than they think since it will be a trending social media moment.

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