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Justin Timberlake Is Reportedly Done ‘Harping on Controversy’ Now That Janet Jackson Has Said They’re Close

Justin Timberlake is reportedly breathing a sigh of relief now that Janet Jackson has cleared the air about where their relationship stands in her new documentary. The pop star felt like many Jackson fans held a grudge against him for almost two decades after their Super Bowl halftime show together.

Timberlake is ready to move on from the “wardrobe malfunction” that is still a hot topic of conversation as to who is to blame for the situation. The “Rock Your Body” singer “was tired of hearing about it and having to answer questions about it,” according to a Hollywood Life source. The insider claims that the whole controversy was “very painful for him” and he knows it was hard for Jackson, too.

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But behind the scenes, the two artists have been in contact, and Timberlake was aware that she was freeing him from any blame in her Lifetime special. “Justin and I are very good friends — we will always be good friends,” she said during the documentary. “We spoke just a few days ago and he and I have moved on…it is time for everyone else to do the same.” The Rhythm Nation star has shown tremendous grace under pressure during those years when much of the initial heat was placed on her. It wasn’t until fans started taking a second look at the controversial halftime show that many believed Timberlake shied away from his responsibility in the incident.

Now that the two singers are at peace, Timberlake is apparently focused on new projects and he hopes that all of the past woes are behind him. “Now that Janet has addressed her truth, now that Britney is free, Justin is really looking forward to the moment where he can do new music, do new films,” a second source said. “And when he is talking about his life, he can talk about the great things that are happening in it rather than harping on controversy.” Jackson has officially shut down the public chatter and Timberlake can now move forward without having “to walk on broken glass anymore.”

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