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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Dreamy Montecito Mansion Boasts a Cozy Living Room Hammock & World-Class Spa

Gwyneth Paltrow is showing off her stunning Montecito, California mansion and we are ready to move right in. The dreamy decor was customized for the Goop founder, resulting in the home of her dreams.

The March cover story in Architectural Digest showcases the pristine property and how much attention to detail was given in every corner of the home. The living room, which she describes as “kind of bonkers in the best way,” is decorated with a neutral palette, giving off serene vibes throughout the space. The focal point of the room, though, is the oversized hammock placed lovingly by a floor-to-ceiling window as the sun dips in, creating a warm bath of light. It’s the perfect spot to cozy up while reading a book (and we dare you to try and not take a restful nap).

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s living room Yoshihiro Makino/AD.

If the living room doesn’t tempt you, then the spa will. Paltrow and husband Brad Falchuk really had a specific goal in mind when it came to their Southern California getaway home. “When we were conceiving of the house and we were trying to think of a forever, forever home,” she told the magazine. “What would be the few things that are just so special and that you could use when you’re much older? So we were kind of thinking it’d be amazing to have a real spa.”

Featuring moody lighting reserved for the most exclusive spas, this space will take your stress from 100 down to zero. The tranquil room has a shower to rinse off your body before and after you soak in the hot tub — and maybe a sip a glass of wine while having a romantic evening in. But that’s not all — the area also features a cold plunge pool, a steam room and a sauna.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Yoshihiro Makino/AD.

“It’s a bit of a spa moment happening,” she laughed in the video tour. “You know, I’m into wellness so I feel like it’s justified, right? Maybe I can write it off as a business expense.” Paltrow knows how to live like an A-list star in a home like this — and admitted she’s a bit extra when it came to designing the house. “I come in here every day. I use it all the time,” she added. “Whenever I’m in here, I’m like pinch me, I cannot believe that this is our house and we live here. It’s so fun.”

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