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Gisele Bündchen Is Facing Some Seriously Sexist Twitter Attacks in the Wake of Tom Brady’s Retirement

Behind the scenes, Tom Brady’s retirement reportedly was a family decision. His career has been the top priority for years and the football star himself said he wanted to allow wife Gisele Bündchen to put some of her goals on the front burner after letting her modeling career take a backseat to his athletic endeavors. So why are some fans blaming the supermodel for Brady’s decision to move ahead in a different direction?

A lot of the heat is being felt on Twitter, and besides being completely unfair, it’s also sexist. Author Nick Adams tweeted, “It’s unfortunate that Gisele did not allow Tom Brady to play one more season. It’s their decision, but what is one more year?” Another user added, “Gisele couldn’t give Brady one more year women ruin everything.” And it’s not just men leaning into the sexism, it’s also women. One woman wrote, “Please Tom. Don’t let Gisele take you out.”

If you’ve been listening to what Brady has been saying over the last year, he was almost ready to bid adieu to his successful 22-year career. He’s a GOAT, won the Super Bowl (over and over again) with two different teams — he has the money and he has the fame. What else was there for him to do? He has a stunning wife and three beautiful children, son Benjamin, 12, and daughter Vivian, 9, with Bündchen, and son Jack, 14, with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan, waiting for him at home. There are so many little life moments he has missed over the years that he’s ready to experience for the first time.

Can’t we allow a man to prioritize his family first without blaming the wife? Shouldn’t Bündchen be allowed the opportunity to see what she can accomplish in the next stage of her career after putting the kids first? Brady only had one more year left on his contract, not 10 more years. At 44 years old, he deserves the space to explore what is next in his personal and professional life. But most of all, Bündchen deserves to have her husband back after she gave him to the fans and football each season since they’ve been together. It’s OK to be disappointed that your favorite athlete is retiring, but it’s gross to blame his wife for a decision that ultimately, is Brady’s to make.

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