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Tom Brady May Have Given Up This Eight-Figure Bonus by Retiring Today

It’s the end of an era. Tom Brady officially announced this morning his intention to retire from the NFL, parting ways with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the career that made the athlete a household name. Brady took to his personal social media accounts and left a heartfelt message about his decision, and the timing of the quarterback’s retirement is particularly interesting given the details of his contract — by announcing the news today, the NFL star may have left an eight-figure signing bonus on the table. Let’s break it down for you below.

Last March, Brady signed a one-year extension with the Buccaneers that included a $20 million signing bonus — of which $15 million was set to be paid on February 4, 2022, per Spotrac. But Brady has officially announced his retirement just a few days shy of that date, which means the Buccanneers now face a choice in how to handle paying out the rest of his contract. Per reports cited by USA Today, Brady’s retirement could lead to the Bucs either recouping that full amount or deciding to pay out the full bonus.

As some also pointed out on Twitter, $15 million isn’t exactly the life-changing sum for Tom Brady that it might be for someone else, though we’re sure he still wouldn’t mind taking that paycheck with him. For Brady, however, he seems ready to walk away from the sport that made him a star and turn his focus on his family and the future. “This is difficult for me to say but here it goes: I am not going to make that competitive commitment anymore,” Brady’s statement read, which you can see in full HERE. “I have loved my NFL career, and now it is time to focus my time and energy on other things that require my attention.”

The football star went on to thank members of his team, coaches he’s had throughout the years, and of course his family, including wife Gisele Bündchen, sons Jack and Ben, and daughter Vivian. We likely won’t be privileged to know why Brady chose now to end his football career at this particular moment, but it’s clear that this decision wasn’t easy. Still, he concluded his statement on high note, writing to longtime fans, “I feel like the luckiest person in the world.” Gratitude like that just can’t be quantified.

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