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Madonna’s Sensual & Leggy Photoshoot Has Fans Debating If She Photoshopped This Part of Her Body

Madonna is at it once again by posting a series of leggy and sexy photos from an impromptu photoshoot on Jan 28, but these have caused a bigger stir than usual. She posted a series of car-themed photos with the caption, “Car trouble.” Fans have speculated for years on whether or not she heavily Photoshopped her face, but these new photos are bringing a lot more questions ― specifically if she Photoshopped her butt.

In the first photo, we see a vintage filter over Madonna sitting on the couch, followed by a mirror photo of her showing off her toned physique. In the next few photos, we get some snaps of her looking sultry near a nice car, followed by her straddling it in the sixth and seventh photos The eighth photo gets a little PG-13 as she thrusts herself up, covering her vagina, and showing off her lengthy legs. Before she ends the photo series with a snapshot of her “God Save the Queen” jacket, the ninth photo is what’s causing the debate.

In the ninth photo, we see Madonna showing off her glutes to the camera, along with her black lacey panties and fishnet stockings. Now there’s no denying the legendary songstress looks amazing, but fans are deeply concerned with the photos ― specifically if she did something to her bottom. Some people have gone as far to say she looks “disgusting” but most of the concerned fans are just wondering, “Is Madonna okay?” and “Why would she Photoshop this?”

Some have even speculated she got a butt lift of some sorts, or even a botched procedure.

No matter what happened, people’s opinions have never stopped Madonna before and it’s looking like the opinions won’t stop her anytime soon.

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