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Bridget Fonda Was Seen Out For the First Time in 12 Years & the Response Is Probably Reminding Her Why She Retired

Bridget Fonda was an actress who was on everyone’s radar in the 1990s — from red carpets to the big screen. But in 2002, she decided to call it quits on her Hollywood career after being injured in a serious car accident, and then starting a family with husband and film composer Danny Elfman. Her life has remained quiet and out of the public eye for the last 12 years — exactly the way she wanted it.

This week, the Daily Mail chose to invade her privacy and publish photos of her running errands around her Los Angeles neighborhood. The body-shaming and ageism she was the recipient of — at the hands of the media — is pretty disgusting. The good news is that social media is supporting Fonda in the best way possible and reminding all of us that there are good people out there on the internet. She chose to remove herself from the spotlight and raise her son, Oliver, 17, as a regular mom, not a celebrity mom.

While the 58-year-old Fonda doesn’t have any public social media pages, we hope she feels the support of many fans, who are calling out the media for posting the invasive images to begin with. “I have a strong feeling those of you mocking her will have to endure a much-deserved karmic lesson as your years fly by,” one user wrote. “There’s nothing wrong with Bridget Fonda; she is perfect as is.” Another account added, “Going after Bridget Fonda is f**king gross. People should be allowed to leave the spotlight.” 

As if the tabloid photos weren’t enough, it was also Fonda’s birthday this week. A celebratory day that should be light and fun, was likely marred by the cruel headlines. It’s wonderful to see that fans are stepping up to protect Fonda, who just wants to stay out of the press, and giving the backlash to those who dragged her back into the spotlight.

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