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Kourtney Kardashian’s Latest Photo Showing Off Her Assets Is Being Accused of a Major Photoshop Error

The Kardashian women have been beauty and fashion trendsetters for over a decade, but it feels like the tide is starting to turn when it comes to usage of one social media device they made popular: Photoshop. Kourtney Kardashian is the latest sister to get called out for using the body-altering tool.

Her recent Instagram Story featured a now-deleted image, sitting on her knees while wearing a leopard robe and drinking a glass of wine. (See the image HERE.) Her back was facing the camera and she turned around to look seductively at the lens. Of course, the real superstar of the photo was supposed to be her behind, which fans think was altered to look larger than it appears in real life. We know the Kardashian curves have been a big hit over the years, but it seems like their followers are staging a revolt about false advertising when it comes to body image.

Kourtney often has her fabulous figure on display, but her followers are letting her know when she’s crossed the line. She deleted the photo, but we all know the internet lives on forever. Comments in a Reddit forum, via the Daily Mail, show that people are tired of unrealistic body images being portrayed on social media. One user wrote, “She really thought she would get away with this and everyone would be like, ‘Yeah that’s real Kourtney!’” Another chimed in, “At this point the bad photoshop must be intentional.”

With her younger sister, Kim, having her own Photoshop blunder this week — and also deleting the snapshot — it’s time the Kardashian family takes notice. The backlash has officially arrived and the fans are asking for photos of the reality stars’ natural beauty. The real question is whether the Kim and Kourtney will listen and lead the way to a healthier experience on social media.

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