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President Biden Isn’t the Only Famous Politician Who Has Snapped at This Fox Reporter

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy made headlines on Monday after asking President Joe Biden a question about inflation. He asked, “Do you think inflation is a political liability in the midterms?” It was Biden’s under-his-breath response caught on a hot mic that had everyone talking. “It’s a great asset—more inflation,” he said sarcastically. “What a stupid son of a b*tch.

If Americans weren’t aware of Doocy before, they certainly are now. He has a reputation for driving questions to Press Secretary Jen Psaki that sometimes appear to be antagonistic, but lead to some interesting banter between the two of them. The White House correspondent doesn’t just go after Democrats, though — he’s done the same to Republicans, including one famous incident with the late Senator John McCain.

In 2017, Doocy asked McCain about his tumultuous association with then-President Donald Trump. Doocy queried, “Has your relationship with the president frayed to the point that you’re not going to support anything that he comes to you and asks for?” The senator looked him right in the eye and stated, “Why would you say something that stupid? Why would you ask something that dumb, huh?” That’s when the offended McCain launched into defensive mode. “My job as a United States senator, as a senator from Arizona, which I was just re-elected to,” he told Doocy. “You mean that I am somehow going to behave in a way that I’m going to block everything because of some personal disagreement? That’s a dumb question.”

McCain had every right to be insulted by the question because he prided himself on putting the interests of the people he represented ahead of his personal feelings. At the same time, Doocy delivers some pull-no-punches questions to every politician, no matter what party they belong to. If there’s one thing both parties can agree on, Doocy creates dramatic TV news moments and irritates quite a few politicians.

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