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Salma Hayek’s Scuba Suit Is ‘About to Pop’ In New & Enchanting Beach-Themed Photos

Salma Hayek is back at it, yet again with a jaw-dropping and sultry beach-themed photo shoot. On Jan 19, Hayek posted two photos of her latest water-based adventure to her Instagram with the caption, “Some people run to visit the fish.”

In the first photo, we see a bare-faced Hayek zipping on her scuba suit, giving fans a peek at her bust while she stares off-camera. In the next photo, we get an enchanting photo of her underwater, exploring the depths of the ocean.

While we’re kind of geeking out over the stunning underwater picture, everyone is freaking out over the first picture. Commenters have dropped comments like “That zipper struggling,” “That scuba suit ready to pop any minute,” and “natural beauty.”

Like Heidi Klum and Elizabeth Hurley, we can’t help but swoon every time we get another beach-themed photo shoot from Hayek.

Another thing we love about Hayek is that she, like her favorite spot in the world (the ocean), goes with the flow with everything in life ― including aging. In an interview with Holmes Place, Hayek said, “I don’t have any Botox. Maybe later I will change my mind, but for now, I am comfortable being fifty. I am comfortable in my own skin.”

In an even more recent interview, Hayek had to set the record straight that she’s never had body-enhancing surgery like a breast augmentation.

During an episode of Red Table Talk per NY Post, Hayek said, “A lot of people said that I had breast augmentation. I don’t blame them! My boobs were smaller! So was the rest of my body…For some women, they get smaller. But there are some women that when you gain weight, your boobs grow, and other women that when you have children and you breastfeed your boobs grow and they don’t go back down, and then in some of the cases when you are in menopause, they grow again.”

She added, “I just happen to be one of those women that it happened in every single step! When I gain weight, when I got pregnant and when I am in menopause.”

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