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Demi Moore’s Daughter Rumer Willis Looks So Much Like Her Superstar Mama In New Bare-Faced Selfie

While the general consensus is that Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ daughters look more like their papa, Rumer Willis’ new no-makeup selfie is giving us more Demi than Bruce vibes.

On Jan 22, Rumer posted a photo of herself with a simple caption of the face exhaling emojis. While we’re loving her effortlessly chic, no-makeup selfie, we’re really marveling at how much Rumer looks like her superstar mama Moore. Moore is no stranger to posting beautiful, no-makeup selfies to her Instagram page, and it seems her eldest child is picking up that habit as well.

Whether it’s the deep brown eyes or her Moore-like smirk, we can’t help but see double with this rare snapshot. The last time we saw a selfie from Rumer ― or even a stand-alone Instagram post ― was before 2022, on New Year’s Eve. She posted a selfie, followed by a little dancing Boomerang with a long, beautifully put caption celebrating five years of sobriety (congratulations, by the way!)

As we can see in her most recent posts, Rumer has embraced a more natural look ― mostly thanks to her mom. The Sorority Row star revealed to New Beauty, saying, “My mom was definitely a big reason why I started wearing less makeup and just always taking really good care of my skin.”

She added that over the years, her appreciation for her skincare has grown. “I think I have a greater appreciation for my skin and my body and I have a ‘less is more’ approach with just about everything, except for oils. I am loving smelling like an apothecary everywhere I go!”

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