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Elizabeth Hurley Is Giving Golden Goddess Vibes in Revealing Red Bikini Snapshot

Elizabeth Hurley has yet again wowed Instagram with one of her iconic — and crazy sexy — bikini snapshots.

On Jan 22, Hurley posted a jaw-dropping bikini photo with the caption, “Yes, I could be in a swimming pool with a pink flamingo….. or I could be snuggled up with my doggies in Blighty, eating a Terry’s chocolate orange and about to watch the final season of Ozark….. you decide.”

In the photo, we see Hurley sporting one of her own bikinis from the Elizabeth Hurley Beach collection, a revealing red bikini with gold accents. While looking like she’s on the cover of Sports Illustrated, she’s straddling the side of a pool, with a large flamingo floatie next to her as she flashes her iconic smize to the camera.

Honestly, we get super excited — and quite frankly mesmerized — whenever she posts another bikini snapshot. Hurley has wowed time and time again, which isn’t so surprising since she takes such good care of her physique and mind.

In a 2017 interview with The Cut, Hurley revealed what overall wellness means to her. “It means being as healthy as you can in your lifestyle and as healthy as you can emotionally. You need to balance both… People often ask me how you can look good as you age, and for me, it’s a couple of things.” She ended by saying, “We all get hard knocks in life, but it’s important to stay positive and stay engaged, and not be angry. Anger doesn’t seem to go hand in hand with wellness.”

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