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The Internet is Buzzing Over How Stunning The Future Queen of Norway Looks In Rare Photoshoot

While our timelines are more often than not flooded with new pictures of the British Royal Family, the internet is buzzing over the Norwegian Royal Family. Specifically, the internet is buzzing over how gorgeous and regal Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway looked in her “coming of age” photoshoot.

You can see the photos HERE.

They posted the series of photos with the caption, in Norwegian, translated to, “Happy Birthday to Princess Ingrid Alexandra! The princess turns 18 today. Photo: Ida Bjørvik / Royal Court.”

In the first photo, we see the Princess in a sleek black dress, wavy hair, and looking off camera, followed by a snapshot of her smiling for the camera. Then in the third photo, we get a close-up of her radiant smile, gorgeous eyes, and really cute minimalist earrings. We end the photo set with an almost full-body photo of the Princess in her silky attire.

The future Queen of Norway was born on January 21, 2004, to Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway. As it stands, she is the second in line for the throne, behind her own father Crown Prince Haakon — but she is set to be Norway’s “first modern queen,” per Insider.

Also according to Insider, Ingrid is already working on an array of Royal duties, despite completing her last year of high school at the same time. Per a press release they received, “Princess Ingrid Alexandra will carry out an increasing number of official tasks for the Royal Family but will be focusing on pursuing an education in the next few years.” While it’ll be some time before she makes her Queen debut, we’re excited to see the journey along the way.

Happy belated birthday, Princess Ingrid!

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