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Kanye West Could Reportedly Face Penalties Including Jail Time If Charged in Alleged Battery Case

Kanye West has a lot on his plate right now between enjoying time with new girlfriend Julia Fox and trying to co-parent amicably with ex Kim Kardashian, and he still has a pending legal case with the Los Angeles Police Department. The Jan. 13 incident for which West is currently under investigation, when he allegedly pushed and punched a fan coming out of an LA nightclub at 3 a.m., could find him in hot water if the investigator decide to file charges against him.

Let’s be clear — so far the Yeezy founder has not been charged with any crime. If the case does move forward, West “faces up to one year in jail for misdemeanor battery and probation up to three years,” according to California criminal defense attorney Eric D. Anderson, who spoke to Hollywood Life. But before any of his fans get worried about the 44-year-old doing time behind bars, the lawyer doesn’t believe a jail sentence will happen if he’s convicted — it would likely be a probation case.

Anderson said there are “advantages and disadvantages” to being West in this situation if he’s charged with battery. “The disadvantage is he’s Black,” he explained. “The advantages are that he’s rich and famous, and those combinations don’t do a lot of time.” West could have “a very valid self-defense argument” if he’s charged in the case because he’s a public figure — West might have felt “threatened” and was protecting himself from someone he thought was going to harm him. Thus far, West himself hasn’t spoken out about the alleged incident, and a representative for West did not return SheKnows’ request for comment.

There is one specific move that Anderson would advise to the rapper if he were his client and that’s: “stay out of sight, lay low, and keep quiet” until the investigation is over. But if anyone knows one thing about West, keeping a low profile isn’t really his style. Kanye is going to do Kanye.

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