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Khloé Kardashian Is Facing Outrage Over Selling Her 3-Year-Old Daughter’s Used Designer Clothes

We all know that the Kardashians are sitting on a fortune from their reality show stardom, partnerships and their related businesses. So why do they continue to resell their children’s clothing for profit instead of donating them to charity? That’s the big question being asked of Khloé Kardashian, who tweeted about the latest round of outfits from daughter True Thompson’s closet being uploaded to the Kardashian Kloset resale site.

“Omg I miss seeing True in these outfits,” she wrote while sharing a link to the website. True’s old clothing that is available for sale is expensive (really EXPENSIVE) with a Ralph Lauren jacket running at $150 and a Dolce & Gabbana rose-adorned tank top for $99. Every mom knows that their kids’ clothing takes a lot of wear and tear and they grow so quickly that most outfits are only used for a season. That’s where the mom squad usually helps each other out and passes on the clothing to a friend or family member once their child has outgrown them.

But the Kardashians are making a handsome profit on their former (and often free) wardrobe that comes with a lot of conditions: “All sales are final. No returns, exchanges, refunds or cancellations,” per their website. And that’s when the tweets came pouring in under Khloé’s tweet. “Who would pay that much for children’s clothing let alone used,” one user wrote. “Who gives a damn about brand names. So disgusted when these clothes could be donated to people in need.” Another social media account shared, “Why does everything they do need to be about $$$$$???”

The Kardashian Kloset website does not specify if any of the proceeds from the sales go to charity, but it might make some of their fans feel better about shopping from them. Khloé hasn’t responded to any of the criticism, but she’s not the only family member selling items there — the entire family should be accountable in this situation.

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