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Kim Kardashian Looks Like a Completely Different Person in This Unedited Photo Shared by a Friend

When Kim Kardashian became famous, she ushered in an era of highly curated and airbrushed photos — and she even influenced makeup trends with a heavily contoured face. But what we should be celebrating is how gorgeous she looks without all of the editing.

The SKIMS founder was spotted in longtime friend Allison Statter’s birthday carousel on Instagram, where it looks like they celebrated together at the Beverly Hills Hotel. You have to look hard to find Kardashian in the group photo because upon first glance, you will probably miss her. She’s the second person on the right-hand side of the photo with her hair slightly wavy and with a stunning all-natural face. She’s 41 years old, but she looks absolutely ageless in the snapshot.

Kardashian has built her brand on a complete look from head to toe. Her KKW Beauty line, which promotes a more minimalist makeup look, still requires several steps to achieve that flawless finish. She described what she loves about the no-makeup look achieved by — you guessed it, makeup — to ELLE, “I know I always wanna be bronze-y and feel a little bit contoured without looking completely overboard. Sometimes I would just use contour sticks and blend it all in and not even wear foundation and just go. It would really make me feel alive and me feel awake, but not having a full face of makeup.”

But the latest images prove that Kardashian has done a great job of taking care of her skin and she could go out in public with a freshly scrubbed face and still look amazing. If she did that more, Kardashian would influence an entire generation where makeup is a fun choice, not a necessity to look and feel beautiful.

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