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Jane Seymour Flaunts Toned Figure in Bright One-Piece & Asks Fans To Start This Habit

Jane Seymour has been blessing our timelines with not only some jaw-dropping swimsuit pictures but some daily smiles as well. On Jan 15, Seymour posted a photo of herself smiling for the camera while rocking a bright pink one-piece swimsuit. She posted the photo with the caption, “This year let’s find as many reasons to smile as possible! What’s the best thing to happen this year for you so far?”

You can see the post HERE.

Commenters answered her question, posting things like how happy they are after long-awaited home renovations to their families staying in good health.

At 70 years old, Seymour’s young spirit is still palpable in every Instagram post you see. With a bright smile — and recently a lot of beach-themed photoshoots — she takes everything in life in stride, and wants her fans to do the same.

In a 2019 interview with Woman’s World, Seymour talked about her secrets of living a blissful life, one of which being is to “go with the flow” with everything that life brings. She said, “Life is like a wave. It continues to move whether you like it or not. To me, when a wave crashes on the shore, it lets go of water it doesn’t need and keeps moving, much like how I face the highs and lows of life… But in both situations, I have a new experience, and that feeds my soul.”

She also said she likes to keep an open heart throughout it all, “I wouldn’t choose to struggle in life, but I definitely think you learn from it.”

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