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Paulina Porizkova’s Gorgeous Gray Hair Shot Celebrates the ‘Different Kind of Beauty’ That Comes With Age

Paulina Porizkova continues to push the envelope when it comes to the conversation about aging. As a supermodel, her entire career hinged around her looks, but as she grew older, she felt people (men, in particular) made her feel “invisible,” despite her stunning beauty.

To continue the dialogue, Porizkova posted a gorgeous unretouched photo on her Instagram page, showing off her silvery speckles of gray hair, ocean-blue eyes and smile lines from so many happy moments. (See the photo HERE.) She added a lengthy caption to explain why combatting ageism has become her mission at the age of 56. “Many people confuse my desire to shed a spotlight on our invisibility with spotlighting myself. Unfortunately, I can not do one without the other,” she wrote. “But the reality is that if I myself really wanted or needed to be visible, I have the means to turn back the clock and buy myself a permanent 39. Why don’t I?”

She’s rebuffing plastic surgery for herself because “aging faces and bodies are not caving ceilings that need to be fixed” in her opinion. Porizkova wants to draw attention to “A DIFFERENT KIND OF BEAUTY” that embraces wrinkles and gray hair — one that celebrates each decade. She poetically describes it as “the lushness of summer heading into the color explosion of the fall.”

And she’s not knocking any person for choosing to enhance their looks with fillers or going under the knife — it’s an individual choice. “We all have personal preferences for the seasons, but it doesn’t negate the beauty of each,” she summed up. “It’s up to us, the sisterhood, to applaud one another until the rest catch up.” Porizkova is leading a movement that is finally generating attention for all of the right reasons — aging is a privilege.

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