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Caitríona Balfe’s Strangest Outlander Fan Encounter Involves Anesthesia & a Trip to the Dentist

On Thursday night, Outlander’s Caitríona Balfe visited the Stephen Colbert Show to talk about her new movie, Belfast, for which she earned her first-ever Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress on the same day. Balfe chatted about all things Belfast, plus what’s it been like being a first-time mother for the last 5 months, and of course the upcoming sixth season of Outlander. She also confessed recently, she had a very surprising Outlander fan encounter at her dentist’s office.

Balfe revealed that she recently had to go under anesthesia for dental surgery. The anesthesiologist joyfully entered the room with an Outlander mug and said, “I’m your BIGGEST fan.” Balfe said this was exciting to her, as she thought, “This is good, she’s going to really take care of me.”

But then, her biggest fan, started asking Balfe what’s going to happen in Outlander, which Balfe can’t really answer. Ma’am this is a spoiler-free surgery. And then right as Balfe was injected with the good stuff and started to drift off, her anesthesiologist started singing the Outlander theme song! You know the one: “Sing me a song of a lass that is gone.”

“Noooo, this is not what I—” is the last thing Balfe remembers thinking. Do not sing her a song of a lass that is gone, especially when you are putting her under anesthesia. Because she is literally a lass about to be gone. Colbert laughed and asked if she thought she’d wake up in the 1700s in Scotland, and Balfe said, “I thought I was going to be in a basement with all of the Jamie posters everywhere!” Misery, but make it Outlander with a side of teeth.

On Twitter, Outlander fans were celebrating her SAG award nomination and her appearance on Colbert. The dentist’s office isn’t the only awkward place Balfe has been approached. A few years ago, excited fans caught her in a spa changing room, right as she finished putting on her clothes! Timing is everything they say, but maybe give her a minute to get dressed. Or to come out of anesthesia.

Belfast was also nominated for Best Ensemble for the SAG Awards and director/writer Kenneth Branagh won the Golden Globe for Best Screenwriting. Balfe stars alongside Jamie Dornan, Jude Hill, Judi Dench, and Ciarán Hinds in the film. Balfe also revealed that taking her mom to the Belfast premiere was especially meaningful, because usually, her mom falls asleep when watching her.

Balfe confirmed that not only would season 6 be starting to air in March, but the cast would begin filming season 7 soon. In case you forgot what happened in season 5, the Outlander cast released a 60-second recap of the 5 seasons, and let’s just say some of them are very good at recapping in a rapid pace (ahem, Balfe) and some of them are not (ahem, Sam Heughan). But the winner is definitely John Bell, who at one point just exclaims, “Ahhhh!” He has our vote to recap every single episode. John Bell for recap president. Heughan comes in second with “I don’t know.” And Balfe ends it with “And then they live happily ever after, no they don’t, but you have to watch the rest.” Outlander, in a nutshell, now go watch it. All five seasons. You have time.

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