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Halle Berry’s Boyfriend Van Hunt Confirmed That Marriage Is on the Couple’s Mind After Their New Year’s Prank

Fans aren’t the only ones who want Halle Berry and Van Hunt to get married — the songwriter might also make it a priority in 2022. Hunt does have a very specific condition for a wedding to happen and it’s all in the hands of the voters for the Academy Awards (no pressure at all).

What would it take for the duo to walk down the aisle? “Man, maybe after ‘Automatic Woman’ is nominated for an Oscar and wins,” Hunt teased on The Domenick Nati Show on Thursday about the song he co-wrote for Berry’s movie, Bruised. That might sound like a tall order, but the song is already on its way to getting a nomination. It’s one of 15 songs on the shortlist that are eligible for a nomination this year, so a Berry-Hunt wedding could be in the works.

Of course, the couple already pranked everyone on New Year’s Day with a deceptive caption on Instagram, writing, “well…IT’S OFFICIAL,” alongside a photo of them kissing in a chapel while on vacation. But many people didn’t bother to swipe to the next photo, which revealed that “it’s 2022.” Berry learned her lesson and clarified the images with a follow-up post the next day. “We were just having some New Year’s Day fun! People clearly don’t swipe as much as we thought they did,” she said. “thank you for the well wishes, tho’, it really touched our hearts! Now it’s OFFICIAL, the internet is no longer undefeated.”

So this whole situation might have planted a seed in Hunt’s head. A wedding might be a fun way to celebrate an Oscar win, so now it’s up to the entertainment industry to give the fans what they want. Let’s hope they hear us loud and clear.

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