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Heidi Klum Is Giving Us Full Lingerie Model in This Sequin-Filled Video For Her New Snoop Dogg Release

Heidi Klum is hyping up her followers for a big launch with Snoop Dogg, but she’s doing it in a super sexy, sequined bodysuit. It’s enough to make anyone pay attention to what she’s working on with the rapper.

The latest Instagram post has been part of a series of images and videos dropping hints about what is to come — but no one sells a project like Klum. The clip shows the supermodel dancing and bopping to a track by DJ duo Wedding Cake with her blonde hair blowing in the wind and her oversized statement earrings bouncing to the beat. Her caption didn’t give much context to what fans should expect for the launch, “#ChaiTeaWithHeidi OUT FRIDAY,” she wrote.

So is it a commercial for a new product or is it a new track with Snoop Dogg? It doesn’t really matter, does it? Klum is giving everyone the content they want from the 48-year-old TV personality. She knows they love to engage with photos and videos that capture her sunny spirit and show off her fit physique — and she delivers every single time. And it should surprise no one that when The Guardian asked her where would like to time-travel to, she answered, “To Studio 54 in 1978, because I love an amazing dance party.”

That joie de vivre is evident in every clip she posts on her social media accounts. Klum isn’t interested in apologizing for her barely-there wardrobe because she’s worked hard to cultivate an image as a supermodel, TV host and producer. And now, we wait to see what deliciousness she’s delivering with Snoop Dogg — only two more days to go.

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