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Salma Hayek Flaunts Her Curvy & Toned Figure in Hilarious, New Bikini Snapshot

Salma Hayek blessed our timelines once again with a bikini snapshot, but this time she opted for comedy instead of spice. On Jan 9, she posted two photos with the caption, “The pain and pleasure of cold water.”

In the first photo, we see a surprised-looking Hayek in the water, probably reacting to how freezing the water is. Then, in the next photo, we see a closeup of her smiling, obviously getting used to the freezing temperature.

This past week has been an amazing start to the new year — and not just because we’re killing it with our new year’s resolutions. This past week we’ve been graced with not one, not two, but three swimsuit-themed photos from Hayek’s Instagram page.

The first was her looking fabulous in an alcove as she waved goodbye to 2021, and the next one made headlines for her voluptuous, toned figure. But this one may be our favorite because it has that Hayek humor we love about her.

In an interview with Holmes Place, Hayek talked about how she accepts aging naturally. “I don’t dye [my hair] because I am curious to see how I am going to look with this. I am sure in the next movie they will say sorry you will have to dye it, but I am enjoying watching them come in. I don’t have any Botox. Maybe later I will change my mind, but for now, I am comfortable being fifty. I am comfortable in my own skin.”

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