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Kate Middleton Looks Like An Angel In New 40th Birthday Portraits

It’s crazy to think that Kate Middleton will turn 40 tomorrow on Jan 9. It seems like yesterday we were turning our TVs on at 4 AM to watch the big wedding. Ahead of her big day, not only did she decide to have a low-key celebration, but the Kensington Palace just released birthday portraits of her. And they are spell-binding.

You can find the enchanting photos HERE.

As a birthday treat to her (and quite frankly all of us), Kensington Palace released three stunning portraits of the Duchess of Cambridge. Per People, these photos were taken by photographer Paolo Roversi back in Nov and truly show how regal Kate is.

In the first photo, we are getting some serious vintage vibes from the royal. In a white chiffon gown, she shows her side profile, thus showing off her minimalist jewelry and flowing hair.

Then in the second photo, she shakes things up by going full glam. She rocked a dramatic red gown and diamond earrings from Queen Elizabeth’s collection. 

Then we end the photo series with another vintage-style snapshot of Kate’s mega-wat smile, warm eyes, and angelic-white gown.

According to People, the portraits will be a permanent addition to the National Portrait Gallery. Along with that, they’ll circulate through Berkshire, St. Andrews, and Anglesey ― places very dear to Kate and her past. She’s been a long-time patron of the National Portrait Gallery, grew up in Berkshire, met Prince William in St. Andrews, and Anglesey is where they lived after tying the knot.

These stunning photos just got us even more excited for the Duchess of Cambridge’s big day!

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Kate Middleton

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