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Heidi Klum Is Flashing Her Thong Like It’s 2002 in This Wild New Dance Video

What the heck is happening to celebrity fashion right now? First, Julia Fox wears her thong above her black pants on a date night with Kanye West, and now, Heidi Klum is joining in like it is 2002 all over again This is one fashion trend that should probably stay hidden in the early aughts’ vault, but any craze pop icon Britney Spears started would naturally see itself recycled 20 years later.

Let’s go to Klum’s latest Instagram video to see this thong situation play out. The supermodel is wearing an oversized white sweatsuit with a black G-string thong underneath. The lingerie is hiked up over her hip bones so it peeks out over the waistband of her pants. She made sure everyone had the opportunity to see her hips swirling and grooving as she danced to one of Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra’s songs. The 48-year-old model showed off her toned abs as that G-string bikini made a big statement in the clip.

What makes this pop-culture post an even bigger full-circle moment is that the America’s Got Talent judge made a big deal out of showing off Kim Kardashian’s Fendi x SKIMS partnership just last fall. She modeled West’s ex-wife’s fashion line and shared every single angle of the sexy undergarments. So is Klum taking sides on the dueling exes or does she just love lingerie?

Well, it might be the simplest answer imaginable. “I have been collecting lingerie for years, and I have drawers full of everything you can imagine,” she told Glamour. “I have my favorite pieces, but I really do use it all.” So Klum probably doesn’t have an opinion on the Kardashian-West PR battle, but we are betting she’s game for a 2002 peeping-thong return.

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